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2017 Tet Sinh Vien Festival

Photos by: Ned Du

Written by: Jullianne Pham, Miss Social 2016

The Royal Court attended the Tet Sinh Vien Festival at Yerba Buena High School on February 11th. Quan, Savannah, and Alex arrived in the early morning to help set up the MVNCI booth. The ladies gave away Li Xi’s to children that stopped by the table, and they also made arts & crafts with paper crowns along with the children. Several visitors stopped by the booth to take photos with the Royal Court as the afternoon passed. By the time it was 3PM, the ladies went backstage of the high school theatre to help prepare for the Miss Teen Tet Pageant competition! Jullianne arrived just in time to begin preparing the contestants for their competition. The Royal Court felt so overjoyed to see all the lovely contestants again—time flew by so fast from the Miss Teen Tet mixer back in January!

The 10 contestants were split up into their dressing rooms as the Royal Court were assigned their duties. Jullianne and Alex helped the girls in their dressing rooms, making sure that they changed into their right outfit on time to go on stage. Savannah helped with the lights and sound, and Quan arranged the order of ladies from other pageants to help with the crowning segment. Seeing the jitters of the girls as they conversed backstage was so nostalgic for the MVNCI Royal Court—this was the Royal Court almost exactly one year ago! It was different seeing a whole pageant unfold from the other perspective. Watching the contestants dance, do their introduction, walk in their Ao Dai and evening gown, and answer the questions by the judges felt a lot less nerve-wracking than actually experiencing it themselves. It felt exciting and amazing for the ladies to become mentors and older sisters towards the contestants on their special evening—guiding, supporting, and motivating them through all the crazy, scary feelings that the Royal Court went through a year ago.

When it was time to announce the Miss Teen Tet Pageant Royal Court, Quan gathered all of the pageant sisters backstage and handed a bouquet of roses, a sash, and a crown to each of them. Adrenaline was rushing through all of their bodies as they waited for the emcee’s to announce the winners! Julianne flowered Miss People’s Choice, Savannah flowered Miss Scholastic Achievement, Alex sashed Miss Talent and Second Princess, and Quan crowned the new Miss Teen Tet Queen. After the new Miss Teen Tet Royal Court had their share of photographs taken on stage, the ladies gathered for a huge group picture with the pageant royalty that attended the show.
It was a wonderful experience for the ladies to mentor the contestants of this pageant at the Tet Sinh Vien Festival. If you would like more information about the San Jose Tet Festival that is put on every year, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/TetSanJose.org/.
If you would like to revisit the Tet Sinh Vien event this year, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1685650811765494/
Thank you to the Vietnamese Voluntary Foundation, VIVO, who held this Tet festival event: https://www.facebook.com/VIVOusa/
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Community Service – Lytton Gardens

Written by: Jullianne Pham, Miss Social 2016

On Saturday October 1, 2016; Jullianne and Alex visited the Lytton Gardens in Palo Alto to help decorate the nursing home for Halloween! The ladies arrived at 10AM to check-in. Upon arrival, they were led towards the storage room in the back—there were a handful of boxes, containers, and baskets full of Halloween decorations! They were told that they had the freedom to decorate as they pleased in the front lobby and in the back room where the elderly played games and ate their meals. Alex and Jullianne decorated the front lobby first with window decals, scarecrow stands, ceiling decor, and wall decorations. Halloween signs, skeletons, and bats were hung along each wall of the room; while pumpkins, ghosts, and orange & black decor were placed among the tables, table stands, and counters. Some of the elderly even stopped by to give them advice on where to place the decorations!

Once Alex and Jullianne finished decorating the front lobby, they proceeded to the back room. They pasted window decals on all of the backyard doors, hung ceiling decors along each corner of the room, and placed small pumpkins along the walls and ground of the room. Small scarecrows and witches were placed at various corners of the room; some were also placed on the piano and desks. The elderly that were playing cards and bingo at the time complimented the ladies on how well they decorated and conversed with them about their volunteer work—it was heart-warming hearing their lovely comments about how not many volunteers come by to help, so it was nice seeing new faces for a change.
When Alex and Jullianne finished, one of the elderly approached them to talk about school and their pageant experience. It was a lovely experience being able to work with the elderly. Being able to make their day by livening up the place with new decorations made the ladies very happy!
If you are interested in volunteering at Lytton Gardens in the future, you can express your interest to: Dora Sanchez, dsanchez@jtm-esc.org
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July Community Service – Vietnamese Concert & Community Health Fair

Photo credits: James Vu and Charlie Duong

Written by: Jullianne Pham, Miss Social 2016

On Saturday July 23, 2016; Jullianne, Alex, Quan, Y, and Savannah volunteered at the Vietnamese Concert and Community Health Fair that was hosted by Stanford University’s Asian Liver Center (ALC) at Milpitas High School. The event was hosted and led by the ALC to bring awareness about the prevalent issue of hepatitis B to the Vietnamese-American community by bringing in famous Vietnamese singer Thanh Lan and the Congressman Mike Honda office.

Jullianne arrived at Milpitas High School at 9AM to help set up the venue. Game booths, signs, the welcome banner, and outside decor were set up along the entrance to the community fair. Streamers, balloons, the photobooth backdrop, the stage backdrop, and the Asian Liver Center table was set up inside the gym in preparation for the Vietnamese concert. After set up was finished, all of the volunteers were given catered lunch by Blooms Catering. Alex, Y, Quan, and Savannah arrived just in time to eat!

Once the program started Alex, Y, Quan, and Savannah were assigned to their booths. Alex and Y helped with the face painting booth with the ALC Lead Intern, Quan and Savannah helped with the bean bag toss booth with another ALC Lead Intern, and Jullianne helped facilitate the event and the Asian Liver Center table with the other ALC Interns. The Royal Court also had a chance to decorate their own Jade Ribbon cut-out to paste onto the Pledge Mural–a mural where individuals could pledge to #JOINJADE and help raise awareness about hepatitis B in the Asian American community. In addition to the general public participating in the booths that the ladies volunteered at, they also handed out raffle tickets to families. The raffle tickets were used in the drawing of Asian Liver Center swag bags and gift cards to Palo Alto Hair Salon International. As the event started to end around 5PM, the ladies helped clean up the venue by taking down the game booths, tables, outside decor, welcome banner, and signs.

Participating at the Asian Liver Center’s Vietnamese Concert & Community Health Fair educated the Royal Court about the unspoken issues of hepatitis B in the Vietnamese community. If you would like to learn more about Stanford’s Asian Liver Center’s #JOINJADE campaign, please visit: liver.stanford.edu/

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Pageant Experience: Jullianne Truc Mi Pham- Miss Social



As I clicked the “Apply” button on the site page, I knew it was going to be a waiting game to see if I would be called to be a part of MVNCI. A few months went by, and I got an email and phone interview regarding my MVNCI application—two days later I was notified that I was accepted into the MVNCI pageant! I was thrilled and eager to begin my pageant journey—with an open mindset knowing that I wanted to delve into and learn more about my Vietnamese culture alongside other girls of the same background.

Being a contestant was a learning experience on its own—with confidence, self-appreciation, self-growth, and learning how to be beautiful in the way you talk and carry yourself around others. I’ve never really had a lot of Vietnamese girl friends of my own, so being surrounded by other MVNCI contestants was a new experience altogether for me since I grew up in a suburban town away from a Vietnamese community. Nonetheless, the practices, workshops, and hangouts that the contestants and I all had created amazing memories that I still hold dear to my heart today. I learned a lot more about myself in these two months alone—the how’s and why’s as to why I should be confident and proud to be a first-generation Vietnamese American, how beauty is only the latter to success and confidence in a woman, having a heart of grace and mercy IS beauty, and that your own successes aren’t defined by a title that is given to you but by the experiences and growth that you’ve gained from it.

As our last practice on March 5th ended, I collapsed on my bed with a sigh of relief. A few minutes went by and I jolted up in bed, remembering that I had to iron my Ao Dais and evening gown for the big, awaited day—March 6th. I stayed up until 2AM preparing my luggage, makeup, and jewelry, with only adrenaline rushing through my body. As the next hour and a half went by, I told myself that I was more than ready for Pageant Day, as I finally closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

My alarm rang as loud as a buzzer—March 6th was finally here! I rushed to go get my makeup and hair done at 6AM as I walked out in public in my comfortable pajamas, thinking that this was probably going to be the most comfortable outfit I would be wearing the rest of the day. As I drove to Campbell Heritage Theater after my appointment, adrenaline and excitement were rushing through my veins. I was so excited knowing that my family and loved ones were going to be out in the audience cheering me on up on stage—that was all the motivation I needed that day to have the strength to keep moving on. I arrived at the theater to see all the other beautiful contestants holding their luggages and Ao Dai’s. We all gathered together to take pictures and to share our excitement for the big day. Run-throughs felt hectic and stressful—that was the fastest I’ve had to change in dresses before in my life—I was so afraid of ripping the fabric or breaking a zipper. The two hours of rehearsal went by as fast as the snap of a finger—“Get ready girls! You’re about to go on stage soon!” My legs were shaking backstage in my white Ao Dai and the only thing that was rushing through my mind was if I was going to mess up my formation on stage.

Next thing I knew, the curtains opened up and everything that we’ve been practicing for in the past 2 months finally let up to this awaited moment. Pageant day went by so quickly, and I couldn’t believe that it was finally happening. All of the hard work and stressful nights that I put into being a part of MVNCI was going to pay off. As all of the contestants walked out on stage to be called up for top 8, I was already satisfied and happy knowing that I made it this far in the pageant and that my family was already proud of me. When I heard my name be called for top 8, my mind was screaming in excitement but my heart was beating loudly in nervousness. My legs were secretly shaking like crazy underneath my Ao Dai as I tried to hold my composure on stage. When each of us finished answering our question for Top 8, I walked away knowing that I did my best and that I answered to the best of my ability. Seeing my family and friends cheering from the audience with their bright smiles was enough for me to know that they were proud of me for how far I’ve come.

By the time of the crowning ceremony, I was happy and content with my own personal successes that I’ve made throughout my MVNCI pageant journey—being able to showcase my talent on stage, making it to top 8, and dancing my first fan dance in my life. “And the title of Miss Social goes to… Jullianne Truc Mi Pham, Contestant #8!” My family and friends went wild in the crowd as I walked up to the front in disbelief as I was being crowned. I made it into the Royal Court! I was so overjoyed knowing that I finally made it into the Royal Court, because I was more than happy knowing that I now have bigger opportunities to carry out my philanthropy project in the bay area community.

Being a part of the MVNCI 2016 Royal Court is an honor in itself, because MVNCI puts a lot of emphasis on their community service for the Vietnamese-American community. During my 2-year reign being in the Royal Court, I would like to work closely with the younger generation – specifically, first and second-generation youth of the Asian-American community to bridge the educational gap between other privileged children in the community. Book drives, tutoring services, and working alongside underprivileged high schools and middle schools are a few of the things that I would like to achieve during my reign. I would also like to close the generation gap between the youth and the older generation of the Vietnamese culture, because being a first-generation youth myself, I realized how difficult it could be to communicate with our elders in today’s society. I want to host workshops or hold outreach workshops with the lessons and experiences I’ve learned to give back to the youth in our community.

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