Congratulations to our new 2014 Court Members!

Introducing our 2014 Miss Vietnam of Northern California-Intercollegiate Court:


Photos by: Hoang Le at and Bill Grayson at

Queen: Christina Truong
1st Princess: Crystal Bui
2nd Princess: Cathy Nguyen
Miss Ao Dai: Mandy Dang
Miss Social: Cindy Nguyen
Miss Photogenic: Quy Hoa Le
Miss Talent: Crystal Bui
Miss Entrepreneur: Mandy Dang
Miss Congeniality: Crystal Bui

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September Community Service: Baking for Our Furry Little Friends

For this month’s community service, we decided to get creative and do something a little different than we’ve done before. We baked dog treats for a local animal shelter! It was a lot of fun going to the grocery store to get the appropriate ingredients for the dog treats. Not only were we “on business” to find the right materials for this project, it was also a great way to spend some time with each other. With all the crazy schedules each of us have – work, school, extra-curriculars, etc. – it was nice to be able to catch up with my fellow court members. It certainly solidifies our mantra of sisterhood in this pageant. I’m reminded of how much we care about each other and that special bond we’ve created, and it all started when we first met at the Meet and Greet as contestants. But I digress…

We all generally like to cook and/or bake, so this was a neat project for us. It was somewhat of a challenge finding impromptu baking utensils (we didn’t have a rolling pin or cookie cutters), but we made it work! The recipe was easy enough and we each had a hand, literally, in baking these treats. The treats turned out nicely and we soon had plenty of them to donate to our local animal shelter. But first, we had to have a taste-tester’s opinion. Don’t worry, it wasn’t any of us!! Truc gave her dog some of our treats and it was definitely doggy-approved!

It was certainly enjoyable to do such a fun activity and one that also benefited our community – the animal community. Animals at the shelter are oftentimes overlooked, and this was a small token to give our furry friends a little treat to let them know we’re thinking of them.

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18th Annual SF International Dragon Boat Festival


Miss Vietnam of Northern California Intercollegiate had the pleasure of being invited to the 18th Annual San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival!  The two-day festival drew a record number of 80,000 attendees according to the San Francisco Examiner, and nearly 120 teams competed in the boat race.  The sport of dragon boating includes an ornate, narrow boat fit for 20 paddlers, a drummer who sits at the head of the boat and sets the pace, and a helmsman.  The courses were 500 meters and 300 meters, and teams championed through the water with the newly-constructed Bay Bridge in the background.

Although the focus of the event was the dragon boat races, the festival included family-friendly activities such as face painting, children’s rides, carnival and ethnic foods, and various stage performances.  I had the pleasure of emceeing with Miss Gavilan Hills 2013 of the Miss America Organization, Michelle Chang, and it was such a treat to introduce children, teens, and adults on stage to showcase their talent.  The live performances included Tai Chi, hula hooping, acrobats, singing, dancing, and other unique entertainment.   The Court members and I thoroughly enjoyed the event and look forward to next year’s dragon boast festival!

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MVNCI Recruitment Events

Wow, pageant season is just around the corner! (WOOT!) Are you excited? I AM!!! (: Just a few weeks ago, we hosted our first recruitment event for MVNCI 2014 at Sweet Orchid in Fremont, CA. It was great to see everyone come out!


Missed our first recruitment event? Don’t frown! We’re hosting another recruitment event in November! Date to be announced!

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August Community Service: Let’s Clean Lake Merritt

Although all of us Court members have been so busy with gearing up for back to school or working our day jobs, we managed to get together on such a beautiful day to do a bit of community service in Oakland for our monthly community service project. Lake Merritt may seem absolutely spotless at first glance, but we all noticed that there was still some work to be done. Aside from the many cigarette butts thrown carelessly on the ground, there was still some trash around the lake. Lake Merritt is a nice place for a picnic, get together, or nice jog in the great outdoors, but that also makes way for a lot of littering and trash left behind. This is obviously bad for the environment but also for the ecosystem in that area. In just a short amount of time, I couldn’t help but revert to making observations my major taught me. As an environmental earth science major, I noticed how much nature and wildlife inhabits Lake Merritt. The birds, trees, swans, dogs etc. are all affected by the trash and debris that people carelessly leave behind. Humans, too, of course are also a part of this equation in creating the problem as well as being affected by it. Though it may have seemed like an insignificant action of cleaning up Lake Merritt, I know that every little step counts and helps work towards significant progress in creating a better, cleaner Earth!

What a nice way to get in a nice walk around the lake with my sisters while doing the environment some good! I could not think of a more enjoyable way to do community service.

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